Phase 2 CX Reports

Phase 2 research was conducted between April and June. Four design agencies were engaged to carry out the work. These agencies are Greater Than Experience (in partnership with ThoughtWorks), GippsTech, and Tobias.

During this phase of research, 121 participants were engaged. This phase was split into 3 streams of work with each stream focusing on a particular area of the Consent Model.

NB Phase 2 CX reports were produced by external consultants and do not reflect the position or direction of the government or Consumer Data Standards body. Recommendations found within these reports represent a set of possibilities that will be reviewed and considered and are subject to change. These reports will inform the Consumer Data Standards but should not be seen as indicative of the CDR’s direction.

Stream 1 report

Focus areas: Consent Flow, accessibility, preliminary investigation of joint accounts, preliminary investigation of cross sector sharing

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Stream 2 report

Focus areas: Dashboards and revocation

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Stream 3 report

Focus areas: Consent Flow, Authentication models, Reauthorisation, 90-day notification

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Additional Phase 2 work

Data cluster language survey

The CX Workstream conducted a survey to explore comprehension of language used to describe data clusters. The results have informed the data language standards outlined in the CX Guidelines.

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