Consumer Experience

The Consumer Experience work stream has produced a range of reports and outputs from workshops and research.  As we generate them, we’ll add links to this page.


Phase 3 CX Reports

Release date: March 2020
A series of CX reports focused on key Phase 3 issues.
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Consumer control presentation

Release date: October 2019
Information and tangible scenarios related to consumer control presented at the CX workshop in October.

Consumer control presentation



Data cluster language survey

Release date: July 2019
A survey conducted to explore comprehension of language used to describe data clusters. The results have informed the data language standards outlined in the CX Guidelines.

Phase 2 Data Cluster Language Survey



Phase 2 CX Reports

Release date: July 2019
A Phase 2 release package that includes 3 CX Reports that are focused on various aspects the Consent Model. 
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Phase 1 CX Report

Release date: February 2019
A Phase 1 release package that includes Phase 1 CX Report and prototypes of the Consent Flow.
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Draft Roadmap of Phase 1 Research

Release date: December 2019
An initial draft roadmap produced for community feedback (subject to change).

CX Roadmap Working Draft 2.0



Defining the UX of Consent

Release Date: November 2018
On 30 October 2018 (Sydney) and 1 November 2018 (Melbourne), the Consumer Experience work stream invited UX and consumer research practitioners to participate in the development of consumer research, written advice, user journeys and wireframes that form the deliverables for the CDR Consumer Experience work stream.

Defining the UX of Consent Report



Use Case Workshop

Release date: August 2018
In August 2018, the Consumer Data Standards facilitated a workshop with stakeholders in the banking sector exploring use cases for open banking, the first implementation of the Consumer Data Right regime. At the workshop, participants discussed key use cases for consumers (both individuals and SMEs) benefiting from open banking, as well as issues still to be explored.

User Case Workshop Report