Christmas 2018 Working Draft

In the lead up to the Christmas break, the Data61 Consumer Data Standards team has been working hard continuing to develop and refine common technical standards in support of the Australian Government’s Consumer Data Right Regime. 

In this Christmas working draft, we summarise the progress we’ve made so far, drawing attention to documents and deliverables organisations might have missed across the work streams, and summarising next steps for 2019. We know that many in the community have been monitoring the open discussions and have actively contributed to making these drafts what they are, with feedback in workshops, on GitHub, via email and in bilateral discussions. Thank you!

The Christmas Working Draft comprises:

  • Read me first! Overview of the Christmas 2018 Working Draft (Word) (PDF) - includes summary of key issues and inclusions in our drafts; overview of recent reports and activities; and next steps 

Then dig into the draft documentation and associated reports and reviews below:

Providing feedback: 

We’re aware that this Christmas working draft covers deliverables across all three work streams, with a lot of information for organisations and individuals following our progress to digest. Some stakeholders will only be interested in certain components of the documents, depending on their area of expertise.

To try to reduce feedback overload for contributors, we’ve proposed focusing feedback within each work stream. We’ll keep these drafts open until  Friday 18 January to give people time to return from their holidays and check back in with what we’ve been doing.

You can also submit feedback via email to Please specify in your email which work stream or streams your feedback relates to.  In line with our normal policy all submissions received via email will be published openly online. The Consumer Data Standards program will not accept confidential submissions.   

For further information or any questions, please email