May 2019 Working Draft

Since the previous release of the draft Consumer Data Standards (CDS), developed by CSIRO’s Data61 for the Data Standards Body (DSB), the CDS team has continued to liaise with the broader ecosystem participants to develop and refine common technical standards in support of the Australian Government’s Consumer Data Right Regime.

In this updated May 2019 working draft of the CDS, we have summarised the progress made so far, highlighting amendments included since the Christmas draft and drawing attention to documents and deliverables organisations should review again across the work streams. At the conclusion of the consultation phase that will follow this release we aim to deliver a stable version of the CDS suitable for pilot testing for the regime.

We know that many in the community have been monitoring the open discussions relating to the draft CDS and have actively contributed to making these drafts what they are, with feedback in workshops, on GitHub, via email and in bilateral discussions. We thank the Consumer Data Rights (CDR) community for their active participation which has helped develop these draft standards and encourage everyone to continue to help evolve these as living standards to serve the future CDR regime.

In this May 2019 working draft update we are publishing:

  • Read me first! a non-technical summary of progress across each work stream, including key documents, deliverables and issues still to be resolved (Word) (PDF)
  • an updated version of the Draft API standards (v0.9.3)
  • an updated version of the information security profile
  • an update on CX testing currently underway and links to the previous phase outcomes
  • an update on progress and access to conformance artefacts being developed and maintained in the Engineering work stream.

Providing feedback:

Please note that feedback on this May 2019 updated working draft will be open through to Friday 21 June, 2019. You can submit feedback via email to or share your feedback via GitHub where we have created dedicated issues for API Standards the Information Security Profile and the Engineering library of artefacts. In line with our normal policy, all submissions received via email will be published openly online. You can also submit feedback in written submissions sent via email to

Where participants believe they have confidential issues to raise, please contact the CDS team via email and we will discuss how to have your issue considered and submitted.

For further information or any questions, please email