Consumer Data Standards 1.18.0

Dear Consumer Data Right participants and other interested parties,

Version 1.18.0 of the Consumer Data Standards was published on the 11th of August 2022.

Below is a summary of the changes included in V1.18.0. For a complete view it is recommended to read the Change Log on the Consumer Data Standards:

Decision Proposals

High Level Standards

  • Updated correct links, HTML rendering and incorrect references
  • Updated informative references for CDR and Treasury, ACCC and OAIC
  • Correction to 'should' language in line with RFC2119

API End Points

  • All Sectors
    • Corrected the documentation for x-fapi-auth-date references
    •  Added version schedule for obsolete v1 of the GetSSA API
  • Common
    • Fixed external reference for email format to be "addr-spec".
  • Banking
    • Fixed error codes in GET Transaction Detail API
  • Energy
    • Corrections to GET Generic Plan Detail and GET Energy Account Detail
    • Schema updates for:
      • property value name, conversion to correct TimeString types, update ENUM values for 'days' fields
    • Updated GET Agreed Payment Schedule API
    • Added distributors string array field to EnergyPlan.geography object
    • Made changes to EnergyUsageRead structure of both primary and secondary data holder 
    • Made EnergyPlanControlledLoad into an array and updated structure
  • Register
    • Removed constraint that data holder brands only map to a single industry
  • DCR
    • Fixed the URL for DCR examples to remove an extraneous /register/ path component
  • Admin
    • Clarified that AEMO, AER and DELWP do not need to implement Get Metrics

Information Security Profile

  • A number of corrections to documentation from Issue 511
  • Updates to accommodate JWT transition
  • Get Software Statement Assertion API v1 & v2 has the scope claim explicitly defined
  • Added clarification on algorithm coverage

Consumer Experience

  • Customer data language standards removed from sector-specific banking and energy sections and added to the common area of the CX standards

Link to the Consumer Data Standards: