Data Standards Body Update | July 2020

Dear Consumer Data Right participants and other interested parties,

An end of the month update on the achievements for July 2020 - the year continues to fly by!

The Consumer Data Right Go-Live
On 1st of July 2020 we celebrated the launch of the Consumer Data Right with the first of the Consumer Endpoints now available.

Congratulations to all our participants on the successful launch of their API Endpoints and systems supporting consumers on their new journeys. Without your collaboration, cooperation and continued support the success of the regime would not have been met so ferociously in spite of the challenging times we face.

Draft of Changes for Consumer Data Standards v1.4.0
The Data Standards Body have published a draft view of changes proposed for v1.4.0 of the Consumer Data Standards. These make up Issues or Change Requests made by the Community – all of which have been rigorously reviewed as part of the Maintenance Iteration #3.

All proposed changes have been captured in GitHub, as per our normal process, which can be viewed here

As the draft progresses into its final stages we will provide updates to the community.

Consumer Data Right Support Portal
With the Go-Live this month, the Consumer Data Right support portal has been published live for all to use:

The new platform enables easy discovery of frequent questions and answers which have arisen over the past months of Data Holder Working Group calls, GitHub consultations or common questions the team have encountered on a day to day basis.

If you have a technical question which you cannot find the answer for around the Consumer Data Right - feel free to send an email to

Consumer Experience Stream
The CX Workstream is completing a round of research on how to add and remove accounts from existing consents. This work is being conducted under the umbrella of 'amending consent' to identify ways to simplify amending consent experiences based on the outcome being sought. Findings and recommendations will be made publicly available in August.

V1.4.0 of the CX Standards will soon be available, which includes an update to the unavailable accounts standard to align to ACCC's revised position on showing joint accounts in the authorisation flow.

Banking Product Comparator Tool
For those wishing to validate and simulate the power of the Product Reference Data endpoints can have, the Banking Product Comparator tool is an excellent representation of the current available endpoints from participating ADIs.


If you would like to add your Product Reference Data endpoints to the Product Comparator - please raise an issue here:

Maintenance Iteration #4
The fourth Maintenance Iteration is well under way and is one of largest, in terms of scope, yet!

The outcome of the Backlog and proposed changes for Maintenance Iteration #4 can be found here on the GitHub Project Board:

If you would like to contribute and be part of the Maintenance Iteration, please find the details below and send a request to be added to the Calendar series to

  • Phase 1: Retrospective and Backlog Grooming - 9th July 2020 commencement. 2 weeks duration
  • Phase 2: Consultation - 22nd July 2020 commencement. 4 weeks duration
  • Phase 2a: Consultation Midpoint Check-in - 5th August 2020
  • Phase 3: Approvals and Documentation - 19th August 2020 commencement. 1 week duration

Decision Proposals
A list of the current open Decision Proposals:

All Sectors

Banking Sector

  • Decision Proposal 134 - Banking Maintenance Iteration 4
    • Link:
  • Decision Proposal 135 - November 2020 Consent Obligations: fixes and clarifications
    • Link:
    • Feedback closes Wednesday 12th August 2020

Energy Sector

  • None available right now.

On July 21st 2020, we were fortunate enough to be able to run the Energy Data Language workshop, held online, with ~25 participants. The collaboration and contribution by all was passionate, informative, and greatly appreciated by the Data Standards Body team. Using a collection of tools including Zoom, MIRO and Zoom Break out rooms allowed for smaller teams to work together online to come to some interesting research outcomes - all the while allowing for these groups to reconvene in a larger area to kick-off topics, discuss findings and review their smaller sessions

A big thank you to all those who participated and gave input into the important research and consultation we are undertaking in the Energy Sector - we will publish the outputs of the workshop shortly.

Upcoming workshops:

  • Data Quality Workshop – 4th of August 2020 2:00PM - 4:00PM AEST
    • Registration here: This event has passed.
  • Error Handling Workshop – 18th of August 2020 2:00PM - 5:00PM AEST
    • Registration - coming soon

We have added a new 'Events' page to the Consumer Data Standards website, here we will publish upcoming events there with links to registration. View the Events calendar here: /events/

A huge amount of progress this month and we've accomplished a lot as a community on the Consumer Data Standards, we thank you for your support and continued collaboration.

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