Consumer Experience

The Consumer Experience work stream has produced a range of reports and outputs from workshops and research.  As we generate them, we'll add links to this page.

Update: See latest CX reports on the CX Guidelines website


Reports and recommendations covering an accessibility analysis of the CX standards and artefacts.

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Community Engagement

A range of reports and outputs from engagements with the CDR community, including public workshops and community sector consultations.

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Phase 3 CX Reports

A series of CX reports focused on key Phase 3 issues.

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Phase 2 CX Reports

Release date: July 2019
A Phase 2 release package that includes 3 CX Reports that are focused on various aspects the Consent Model. 

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Phase 1 CX Report

Release date: February 2019
A Phase 1 release package that includes Phase 1 CX Report and prototypes of the Consent Flow.

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