Establishment of Engineering Working Group

We have introduced a fourth working group focused on Engineering activities. The objectives of this workstream are:

  1. Functionally demonstrate the Standards in action by delivering examples of Reference Implementations
  2. Deliver a Conformance tool that allows Data Holder’s to perform internal validation of their API and Authentication endpoints
  3. Deliver tools to provide a valuable and enjoyable developer experience, commonly referred to as a Sandbox

Stuart Low will be the Engineering Lead for this Working Group.

Engineering GitHub & Mailing List

Similar to the existing work streams we have established a mailing list for interested parties to join. This mailing list is intended to be primarily Technical in nature and will include updates from the Lead of the Engineering Working Group, as the engineering deliverables take shape.

Over the coming months we shall publish further documentation within this repository as well as provide additional repositories as various engineering output artefacts take shape.