Engineering Sprint #0 Completed

The Engineering Working Group has had a busy fortnight with extensive planning, definition of goals and deliverables along with more lower level task generation for Sprints #1 to #3. In addition Fei Yang joined the team providing additional engineering capability.

High Level Sprint Goals

To provide all participants visibility of when the Engineering Working Group will be moving towards certain deliverables we have established a 10 Sprint breakdown that outlines the Goals of each sprint, the Target Date for the Sprint and as time progresses the individual Deliverables.

Engineering Workshop Feedback

I know I indicated we would be setting up some initial feedback threads for responses from the workshop material in Sprint #0. While our informal feedback has been really positive we still intend to do this so I apologise for not quite hitting the timeline.

There are currently two such feedback requests going through internal review and I will look at posting them by early next week. I will send out a quick request for feedback via this mailing list once we have the initial set completed so stay tuned!

With this in mind we've moved this task into Sprint #1.

Sprint #1 Summary

It's been a little while coming but we are now kicking off our first full sprint. For this sprint we are particularly focused on delivering some immediate quick wins to the community as well as setting up a solid baseline to work from.

This includes:

  • Releasing Feedback items for the public to comment on with respect to the Engineering Working Group deliverables
  • Generating an initial set of libraries and stubs with a particular focus on the Product API
  • Ensuring the operational usability of the published Swagger definition coupled with bootstrapping some initial generation capability
  • Performing an initial definition of the Models from the supplied swagger.json (we are calling this "Blutack Baseline Model") which will then be used as a baseline for enforcing consistency

While we are still in the early stages of delivering usable components we feel we have a clear plan moving forward. As always we encourage feedback from the community on how we can help all participants to adopt the Consumer Data Standards.

Stuart Low

Engineering Lead