March ’19 | Consumer Experience Workstream

CX Update

Dear Consumer Data Right participants and other interested parties,

The feedback window for the Phase 1 CX Release Package closed on Friday March 22. Thank you to everyone who put in the time to review the CX work and contribute valuable feedback.

We received over 25 responses, including detailed submissions and numerous consultation sessions. Contributions came from all the major banks, data recipients, consumer organisations, and several other interested parties. The CX Workstream is currently conducting a comprehensive review of this feedback and will respond to key points and questions.

Phase 2

We are now heading into Phase 2 of CX work, where we will be running 3 streams of design and research activities to look at:

  • Refining the Consent Flow, including simplified variations
  • Joint accounts
  • Consent and authorisation management dashboards
  • Revocation
  • Reauthorisation
  • 90 day notifications
  • Proposed authentication flows
  • Communicating the purpose of sharing with data holders
  • Preliminary insights into consumer needs and expectations for energy and cross sector application
  • And additional considerations and CX items as required

This work will adopt a similar participant recruitment screener to Phase 1, including engagement of vulnerable consumers and those with complex needs, but will be skewed towards younger people (18–35) and early adopters.

Additional activities proposed for Phase 2 (pending need and capacity) will include additional rounds of testing and several surveys to further validate language and findings and to further refine designs.

Phase 2 work will commence in April and conclude in June. The CX Workstream will provide updates on this work at regular intervals along with incremental decision proposals on CX Guidance.

CX Guidelines and Community Consultation

Data61 is currently finalising a policy on how contributions to the Consumer Data Standards will be handled. Once this policy is finalised the CX Workstream will invite CDR participants to contribute their prototypes and research findings to Data61 to shape and inform Phase 2 work and the CX Guidelines.

The CX Workstream will publish incremental decision proposals on guidance in tandem with Phase 2 design and research activities. We will also be defining the parameters of the CX Guidelines with the ACCC, namely what will be mandated and what will be limited to guidance.

To assist with prioritisation and the provision of CX guidance, we will consult with data holders and data recipients to determine what the highest priority CX guidance should be, and the timelines that holders and recipients are currently working to.

Keep in touch

You can sign up to our mailing lists here; find past updates here; and find other information on the Consumer Data Standards website. The other technical workstreams also have an online presence on GitHub.

If you would like to participate in any of our discussions across the four streams or provide any feedback, you can do so via email to

Best regards,

The CX Workstream