CX feedback request on high level flows for phase 2 research

Dear Consumer Data Right participants and other interested parties,

In preparation for our next phase of research, the Consumer Experience (CX) Workstream has developed high level flows and concepts including for joint accounts, revocation, and reauthorisation. We are seeking community input on these flows during a feedback period that will close at 5pm on Wednesday 1 May.

These flows have been produced for research purposes only and are not indicative of final CX Guidance or recommendations at this stage.

The flows and concepts include:

  • Consent Flow: A refined Consent Flow based on Phase 1 prototypes, including joint accounts, cross sector, and data use considerations (flows 1.1 and 1.2)
  • Revocation: Revoking consent via a data recipient dashboard (flow 2.1) and revoking authorisation via a data holder dashboard (flow 2.2)
  • 90 day Notification: A 90 day notification template (flow 3.2)
  • Reauthorisation: Reauthorisation flow from a data recipient (flow 3.3) and reauthorisation flow from a data holder (flow 3.4)

We are looking for feedback on the following points in particular:

  • Feasibility of the flows/concepts
  • Opportunities to improve flows or components
  • Alternative flows/concepts
  • Alternative suggestions for consumer-facing language (e.g. consent, authenticate, authorise etc.)
  • Research questions you may want to see included
  • Priority flows and considerations
  • Other flows, concepts, or scenarios that need to be tested or explored

Link to flows

The flows are hosted on Miro, a collaboration platform (no sign-in required). You can find a link to the flows here:

If you cannot access the above please get in touch with or the CX Lead, Michael Palmyre, at

How to give feedback

You can provide feedback directly on the board with comments; these must include your name and organisation. Alternatively, you can submit feedback via email to using the numbering provided in each flow. Please provide concise and actionable feedback specific to each component and the CX Workstream in general where possible.

We also strongly encourage participants to contribute sketches, prototypes, and research findings directly to the CX Workstream to demonstrate solutions and considerations. Any contributions made should be stripped of IP and PII, and once contributed will become open source artefacts. Written acceptance of these terms should accompany all contributions.


The feedback window will close on Wednesday 1 May at 5pm. Feedback received during this time will shape Phase 2 work.

Keep in touch

Best regards,

The CX Workstream