May '19 | Phase 2 | Update 1

Consumer Experience Workstream Update

Dear Consumer Data Right participants and other interested parties,

The CX Workstream has been busy with Phase 2 of design and research work, which has now commenced. This will further inform the core in-scope CX guidance and requirements for v1 of the CDR, and will be carried out via three streams. We have engaged separate agencies to carry out the work to ensure a breadth of expertise, ideas, and foci.

These agencies are Greater Than Experience (in partnership with ThoughtWorks), GippsTech, and Tobias. Greater Than Experience has also been engaged for a short and separate piece of work to leverage their expertise on consent, privacy, and trust. They have reviewed and refined the Consent Flow and provided assets to the CX Workstream and the Phase 2 agencies.

In line with our previous approach, as Phase 2 kicks off, the CX Workstream will provide regular updates and seek feedback on Consultation Drafts based on findings and recommendations coming out of the Phase 2 work. These updates will be regular and will invite feedback in short bursts to remain transparent, agile, and to put us in the best position for alignment and launch. These will be shared via the normal channels, but we are also working to provide a central location where proposals and decisions can be found.

The wider community was also engaged to provide feedback on high-level flows proposed for this Phase 2 work. These have now been reviewed and are being factored into Phase 2 research.

We will also be releasing an update with answers to key scope questions and commonly asked questions from Phase 1 and Phase 2 community feedback.

Keep in touch

Best regards,
The CX Workstream