CX workshop invite: Consent management and revocation

Dear Consumer Data Right participants and other interested parties,

We would like to invite you to participate in a workshop with the CX Workstream on Wednesday 7th August.

Focus of the workshop

The focus of the workshop will be to review and refine the proposed dashboards for consent management (i.e. a data recipient consent management dashboard and data holder authorisation management dashboard) as well as a flow for the revocation of consent. The outputs will help frame and inform the decision to be made by the Chair of the Data Standards Body and ACCC as appropriate. The feedback collected and artefacts developed in this workshop will be used to inform the direction of the CX Workstream and facilitate further collaboration.

We are aiming to have broad representation of Data HoldersData Recipients, and Consumer Advocacy Groups at the workshop to gather input around management and revocation of consent from different perspectives. We recommend Data Holders and Data Recipients come prepared to present their respective interpretations of the dashboard and revocation flow, which should conform to the ACCC Rules and reflect the API standards.

This workshop will include the following activities:

  • Data Holders and Data Recipients sharing their interpretations of the dashboard and revocation flow with the group;
  • Data61 CX team sharing the direction of our proposed dashboards and revocation flow;
  • Identification and prioritisation of key items/opportunities to be addressed in relation to management and revocation of consent; and
  • Drawing on the feedback and ideas from participants to refine the dashboards and revocation flow together.

Important notes for attendees:

Due to the limited time and space we will not be able include all interested parties in this workshop. Thus:

We ask that only 2 participants from each organisation attend. Ideally these participants should be designers or UX team members working on the implementation of the CDR; and

Preference will be given to attendees who will be contributing a version of their dashboard and revocation flow which can be shared at the workshop. If you are contributing your version of the dashboard and revocation flow, please send it to by COB Monday 5 August. As these contributions will influence Consumer Data Standards work, it may be shared publicly. As such we recommend they be stripped of IP and PII and be approved by the organisation you represent.

We also propose the scope of this workshop be kept simple, focusing on:

  • Consent management — consisting of a data recipient consent management dashboard and a data holder authorisation management dashboard, enabling a consumer to view details of their data sharing arrangement(s); and
  • Revocation — withdrawing the consent/authorisation for a data sharing arrangement. It is expected that this will occur via the consent management dashboard.

and with the following assumptions. A consumer may:

  • have sharing arrangements with multiple recipients;
  • be sharing data for several products/services with one recipient;
  • see both incoming and outgoing data sharing via a dashboard (where the data holder is also a data recipient); and
  • be sharing data from a joint account.

Workshop details:

Date: Wednesday 7th August 2019
Time: 9:30am to 5pm (please arrive 10 mins prior so we can start on time)
Location: Data61, 13 Garden St, Eveleigh, NSW, 2015
Agenda: This will be sent to attendees closer to the workshop date


If you would like to participate in the workshop, please notify by COB Wednesday 24th July so we can confirm the final list of participants on Friday 26th July. With your response please also indicate whether you would be willing to share your organisation’s perspective on consent management and revocation at the workshop.

We look forward to hearing from you and discussing consent management and revocation further at the workshop.

Best Regards,

The CX Workstream