Invite to Phase 2 | Maintenance Operating Trial | change proposal meeting

Dear Consumer Data Right participants and other interested parties,

This is to advise  you that the CDR Standards for the banking sector are under maintenance and that, as advised on GitHub, we will be undertaking a trial of the Operating Model over the first 8-week cadence.

We want to ensure interested parties are involved in this trial so are advising all CDR participants of the upcoming meeting on Phase 2 | Maintenance Operating Trial on change proposals which will be facilitated by Data61 on 20 November.

The meeting will be facilitated by Louis Taborda, the Technical Delivery Manager and James Bligh, the API & InfoSec Working Group Lead. The current prioritisation of the Backlog has been approved by the DSB Chair, Andrew Stevens.

About the Maintenance Operating Model Trial

The Maintenance Mode of operation will be used for ongoing maintenance and enhancement of the standards for an industry once v1 of the APIs are already defined. This mode is expected to continuously incorporate changes resulting from feedback and community consultation into the standards. This will largely be accomplished by defining new versions of previously defined end points as well managing the process of decommissioning previous versions over time.

About Phase 2

For Phase 2, specific proposals to address each item of the prioritized backlog will be documented and published for consultation via GitHub. These proposals will incorporate the changes proposed to the standard and will consider the timing of the changes becoming binding. The community will then review and provide feedback to the proposed changes.  This feedback is expected to cover the content of the change but also any specific testing or implementation needs that would arise from the change.

About the meeting

The purpose of this meeting is to describe the proposed recommendations to be made to the Data Standards Body Chair arising from the feedback process. 

Meeting details

When:  Wednesday 20th November 2019

  14:00 to 16:00

   Conducted via open teleconference

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How to register

This meeting
is open to the entire CDR community and no registration is required.

Further Information

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