Update | Maintenance Operating Trial | Retrospective

The trial period of the DSB’s Operational Model concluded with a retrospective, conducted on Wednesday, 4th Dec 2019, to review the effectiveness of the initial 8-week change process for the Standards. Attendees were asked to submit their views on “what went well”, “what went less well” and “what do we want to try next time.” The Team Retro tool  was used to capture the feedback and vote on their priority/ importance.  

The following (paraphrased) items received the top votes and were discussed on the call:

  • Timelines for the implementation of changes to
    standards should be made clear and part of the process (Try Next - 7 votes)
  • Need a way to signal which items are likely to
    affect current testing (Try Next – 5 votes)
  • Engagement from industry low potentially due to
    capacity during implementation (Went Less Well – 5 votes)
  • Issues appeared to close without being resolved
    (Went Less Well – 5 votes)

The next step is for DSB to consider and address suggested improvements and start the next iteration of the Op Model’s Change Cycle early in 2020.  Confirmation of the dates and times will be provided through the mailing list in January, 2020 and it should be noted that urgent, out-of-cycle issues arising from testing can be raised at any time using the Standards Maintenance GitHub repo or our email address CDR-Data61@csiro.au