31 January 2020 Standards V1.2.0 Release

Since the baseline v1.0.0 release on 30 September 2019 of the Consumer Data Standards (CDS), the Data Standards Body (DSB) has continued to liaise with the broader ecosystem participants to develop and refine the standards in support of the Australian Government’s Consumer Data Right regime.  The standards are intended to make it easier and safer for consumers to share access to the data collected about them by businesses, and – with their explicit approval – to share this data via application programming interfaces (APIs) with trusted, accredited third parties.

The DSB is pleased to announce the 31 January 2020 release which is expected to become the binding baseline for the Phase 2 implementation of the standards for the Consumer Data Right (CDR) regime.  The version 1.2.0 release of the CDS represents the baseline for implementation in accordance with the rules and phasing timetable made by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

In this version v1.2.0 release of the standards we are publishing the latest versions of the:

You can access the v1.2.0 of the Consumer Data Standards in full here and the Release Notes here

Please note that we continue to
encourage interested participants to provide on-going feedback on the Consumer
Data Standards through GitHub.
All such feedback will be included in the backlog list for consideration in
future versions of the standards. 

The community is also invited to provide feedback on the CX Standards,
Guidelines, and related decision proposals on the relevant CX consultation page and on GitHub.

For further information or any
questions, please email cdr-data61@csiro.au.