CX Workstream | February Update

v1.2.0 | Phase 3 Overview | CX Principles

Dear Consumer Data Right participants and other interested parties,

Since the v1.0.1 release in November 2019, the Consumer Experience (CX) Workstream has continued to consult with the community, OAIC, and ACCC on the CX Standards and CX Guidelines.

This update includes the v1.2.0 release of the CX Standards and CX Guidelines, the CX Principles consultation, and an overview of Phase 3 design and research activities.

v1.2.0 Release

Version 1.2.0 of the CX Standards and CX Guidelines have been published to provide clarity to CDR participants and facilitate Phase 2 CDR implementation, beginning July 2020. The CX Standards and CX Guidelines can be found on the Consumer Data Standards and Standards websites. See the v1.2.0 release notes for a detailed list of changes. The feedback process can be found on the relevant CX Consultation Draft page.

V1.2.0 is expected to become the binding baseline for the Phase 2 July implementation in accordance with the rules and phasing timetable made by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

The obligations on CDR participants to apply the published standards commence on the commencement of the Consumer Data Right rules:

  • where the rules require compliance with the standards, non-compliance with the standards may constitute a breach of the rules.
  • where the standards are specified as binding standards as required by the Consumer Data Right rules for the purposes of s56FA of the legislation, they apply as under contract between a data holder and an accredited data recipient. The legal effect of binding standards as between data holders and accredited data recipients is fully set out in s56FD and s56FE of the legislation.

Consumer Experience Principles

Over the past year the Data Standards Body has used a range of principles and heuristics to guide the CX work to date. These principles are being proposed for inclusion in the standards.

The decision proposal can also be found on the Consumer Data Standards Website and in Decision Proposal 097 on GitHub. The proposal is open for consultation until February 29th.

Phase 3 Overview

A Phase 3 of design and research activities has now commenced with a forward plan until May this year. Over the next 4 months, the CX Workstream will research and iterate on a number of key issues including:

  • Energy standards and guidelines
  • Joint accounts
  • Re-authorisation
  • Fine-grained control
  • De-identification and deletion
  • An ADR becoming a DH (CDR Rules: Schedule 3, Part 7, 7.2)
  • Simplification of consent

The scope, schedule, briefs, and artefacts for immediate Phase 3 work can be found in detail in a Phase 3 overview document.

You can subscribe to the Consumer Data Standards blog to keep up to date on the outputs of this research.

In 2020, the CX Workstream will continue to run workshops, conduct research, and publish outputs and proposals to facilitate collaboration, consumer-centricity, and industry alignment.

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