DSB | End of Week Wrap Up | 16th of April

Dear Consumer Data Right participants and other interested parties,

Happy Friday all, here is the end of the week update for the Consumer Data Standards.

News and Announcements

Latest Standards, Consumer Experience, tooling and Consumer Data Right announcements.

Consumer Data Standards Version 1.8.0

The Data Standards Body are proud to release Version 1.8.0 of the Consumer Data Standards. The main feature for this release are changes to support Decision Proposal 144 - Amending Consent:

You can find the changes included in the latest release in the Change Log here: https://consumerdatastandardsaustralia.github.io/standards/includes/releasenotes/releasenotes.1.8.0.html#v1-8-0-release-notes

Release plan

A number of changes for the Consumer Data Standards are approved or close to approval. The following release plan provides an upcoming view of the changes to be released:

  • Version 1.9.0
    • Scope: Maintenance Iteration 6 changes
    • ETA: Targeting late April 2021
  • Version 1.10.0
    • Scope: Enhanced Error Handling pending final community feedback and Data Standards Chair approval
    • ETA: Targeting early May.
  • Version 1.10.0+
    •  Priority changes for release will include: Enhanced NPP service overlay support and any changes to address the v2 rules changes.
      • ETA: Targeting end of May / early June subject to consultation.

White Labelling Workshop

The White Label Conventions Noting Paper closed on the 2nd of April 2021. The team have reviewed the submitted feedback and feel a workshop is not required at this point in time.

CDR Support Portal hits 500 Articles

Last week we celebrated the 500th article posted to the CDR Support Portal. This knowledge base continues to grow courtesy of your questions and insights into what makes the Consumer Data Right tick.

Here's to the next 500 articles!

Maintenance Iteration 6

The 6th Maintenance Iteration is wrapping up, on Thursday we had the final working group call, with only the retrospective review remaining.

You can find the agenda for this week's call and the consultation for the changes in Maintenance Iteration 6:

Maintenance Iteration 7

We're planning the next Maintenance Iteration, so stay tuned for dates and invitations.

Recording of the CDR Implementation Call

In this week's CDR Implementation Call there were a number of questions around why the Data Standards Body does not publish a recording of the weekly Call. We provided an answer at the time but feel that it's worth putting our response on record for everyone.

We feel the act of recording and publishing the Call could inhibit the relatively informal and conversational tone we try to maintain. If participants were aware that everything they said was going to be permanently publicly available there would probably be a lot less willingness to provide fully open and comprehensive feedback - and we'd all be worse off as a result.

Having said that, we do genuinely welcome feedback - in regards to the Implementation Call or anything else. If you do have ideas you'd like to see us try please reach out to contact@consumerdatastandards.gov.au and we'll be in touch.

OIDF Workshops for April and May 2021

We are pleased to announce the upcoming workshop series with the OpenID Foundation from late April through to early May 2021.

OIDF & DSB | Introduction Workshop & the Consumer Data Standards
Date: 20th of April 2021
Time: 3:00PM - 4:30PM AEST
Registration: This event has passed.

OIDF & DSB | Technical Workshop & the Consumer Data Standards
Date: 4th of May 2021
Time: 3:00PM - 4:30PM AEST
Registration: This event has passed.

In support of this great initiative the OIDF Executive Committee have offered a one time discount for the attendees of the workshops:

  • 20% discount for member and non-member organizations
  • Only workshop attendees are eligible to receive discount code
  • Discount period will run from April 20th (1st workshop) through June 30th
    • Discount code and payment must be received prior to June 30th
  • All organizations taking advantage of discount offer must submit certification package no later than August 31st

Articles of the week

A new segment for the weekly newsletter. Our most viewed and voted articles for the week are:

Consultations Closing Soon

The following consultations close today :

The following consultations close next week:

Decision Proposals and Noting Papers

A list of the current open Decision Proposals:

Cross Sectors

Banking Sector

  • None at the moment.

Energy Sector

  • None at the moment.

Noting Papers

Please be aware of a number of Noting Papers available for review on the Consumer Data Standards GitHub repository.

  • None at the moment.

Workshops and Events

Find all our events here: /events/

OIDF & DSB | Introduction Workshop & the Consumer Data Standards
Date: 20th of April 2021
Time: 3:00PM - 4:30PM AEST
Registration: This event has passed.

OIDF & DSB | Technical Workshop & the Consumer Data Standards
Date: 4th of May 2021
Time: 3:00PM - 4:30PM AEST
Registration: This event has passed.

DSB | Energy | Draft Standards API Feedback
Date: 11th of May 2021
Time: 1:00PM - 5:00PM AEDT
Registration: This event has passed.

CDR Implementation Call

Regularly held on a weekly basis and enables all community members access to subject matter experts from the ACCC and Data Standards Body. If you would like an invitation please reach out to contact@consumerdatastandards.gov.au

6th Maintenance Iteration

The 6th Maintenance Iteration is underway, you can find out more about the phases and scope of the Maintenance Iterations here: https://github.com/ConsumerDataStandardsAustralia/standards-maintenance. If you would like an invite please reach out to contact@consumerdatastandards.gov.au

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