DSB | Consultation On Proposed Changes To The Consumer Data Right Rules

Dear Consumer Data Right participants and other interested parties,

Treasury is considering how the Consumer Data Right rules can be expanded to enhance consumer experience, allow for the entry of a greater number and type of businesses, and facilitate a broader range of business models for participants.

We have published papers on the peer-to-peer model for the energy sector and an opt-out data-sharing model for joint accounts in the banking and energy sectors found here. Treasury will consult on these papers on an informal basis – we welcome feedback and engagement on these papers through GitHub (links below) or by emailing data@treasury.gov.au. Feedback received via email can also be uploaded to GitHub on behalf of stakeholders if they so choose. Respondents who would like to provide feedback on a confidential basis should ensure that this is clearly indicated. We will also provide opportunities for discussion and feedback through various CDR forums and engagement mechanisms.

What is a design paper?

design paper is a new consultation approach being trialled that intends to provide an opportunity for simultaneous consultation on the rules, policy, standards and guidelines for a change to the Consumer Data Right. In the past we have worked together to solve implementation questions and challenges by first defining Rules and Standards and then requesting comment. A design paper lets participants comment on the implications of proposed Rules and Standards, before they are defined. Where applicable, a design paper will also include consumer experience mock-ups to demonstrate the implementation and how that may affect existing participant's systems.

Where are these 'design papers' located?

The design papers are published both on the Treasury website and the Data Standards Body GitHub:

Who can provide feedback and on what areas?

This is a public consultation so all participants are welcome and encouraged to provide feedback. At the Data Standards Body we are excited to see this open to all the various disciplines in the regime and hope to connect and workshop challenges that arise.

When can I provide feedback to the design paper?

The consultations are open now! However all submissions must be made by no later than the 26th of May 2021

How do I provide feedback?

There are two means to provide feedback; posting a comment on GitHub per each of the consultations linked above. Second is to send your feedback to  data@treasury.gov.au. As per usual practice email submissions will be made public unless a request is included to keep the submission private. While we appreciate that some submissions may need to be private the fact that they will not be available for community discussion necessarily means we will not be able to give them the same consideration as public feedback.

Why should I be providing feedback now?

The design papers and the consultation process present a unique opportunity for the CDR Community to influence and provide feedback on the underlying legislation, technical standards, consumer experience and implementation challenges. The success of this round of consultations will drive future changes to the Consumer Data Right. We encourage all participants to get involved and provide feedback on the proposed changes.

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