Decision Proposal 206 - Register Standards

Participants in the CDR community have provided feedback that having the Register standards and the CDR standards documented in different locations, and maintained with different processes, makes it hard to keep track of all the issues being considered. Also, it has been raised that having the the Register standards made binding by a decision of the Data Standards Chair would be helpful for all stakeholders.

The initial separation of the standards was the result of a practical separation of the teams that were working on the different standards rather than a strategic choice. In 2018, when the CDR commenced, the CX, InfoSec, API and Register standards were all managed by different teams and published in different places. Over the last few years we have been slowly integrating these separate standards into a single place. The merger of the Register standards and the CDR standards will complete this process just in time for the CDR to expand to the energy sector.

The new consultation on the Register Standards describes the approach that the DSB and ACCC have developed to manage this process, including how the contents of the existing Register Standards site will be separated. We would welcome feedback on the suitability of this approach.

You can view and contribute to the Decision Proposal 206 - Register Standards here on our GitHub Repository:

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash