DSB | End of Week Wrap Up | 25th of March 2022

Dear Consumer Data Right participants and other interested parties,

Happy Friday all, here is the end of the week update for the Consumer Data Standards.

News and Announcements

Latest Standards, Consumer Experience, tooling and Consumer Data Right announcements.


Consumer Data Standards 1.16.1

Version 1.16.1 of the Consumer Data Standards was published on the 22nd of March 2022. The latest version includes:

  • High Level Standards
    • Added a link to the Endpoint Versioning Schedule in the High Level Standard's Versioning section
    • Added tooltips for all normative and informative references
    • Added a link to the Endpoint Versioning Schedule in the High Level Standard's Versioning section
  • API End Points
    • The isTokenised field has been corrected to be a Boolean type
    • Fields of common type positiveInteger have been corrected to be of 'integer' type in OAS
    • The optional/mandatory status of meta objects has been aligned with standard practice for CDR
    • x-fapi-iteraction-id has been removed from the public Tariff endpoints
    • Correct the bug where arrays of enums were not being listed with their enumeration values
    • Corrected the description of the controlledLoad flag to match previous agreement with AEMO (applies to SDH endpoints also)
  • Consumer Experience
    • Corrected the capitalisation of BPAY (from BPay)

You can find the full list of changes: https://consumerdatastandardsaustralia.github.io/standards/includes/releasenotes/releasenotes.1.16.1.html

Link to the Consumer Data Standards: https://consumerdatastandardsaustralia.github.io/standards/index.html

Secondary Data Holder

Version 1.16.1 of the Consumer Data Standards included the addition of the Secondary Data Holder OAS/Swagger files.
Link: https://consumerdatastandardsaustralia.github.io/standards/#energy-secondary-dh-apis


CX Updated Downloadable Checklist

Updated downloadable CX Checklist for v1.16.0 has been released. This update contains all existing CX Standards plus revised and new key requirements and guidelines for consent, authenticate, authorise and data recipient consent management.

To see detailed changes view the Change log.


Correction: Consumer Experience Guidelines Update

Last week a few of our links did not work. Apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused. Please find the links [Corrected] below.

Consumer Experience Guidelines: https://www.notion.so/d61cds/Consumer-Experience-Standards-and-Guidelines-dffe42d39d4942c5b4f2c7612ba4f6e0


ACCC: Guidance for vulnerable customers

On the 24th of March 2022 the ACCC Regulatory Guidance team published guidance on Vulnerable consumers and preventing harm or abuse. The intent of this article is to provide overarching guidance and principles for the CDR community to consider when making decisions that may affect vulnerable customers.

Please find the article on the CDR Support Portal: https://cdr-support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4559246860047


Data Standards Body Videos

New video by the Data Standards Body this week:


10th Maintenance Iteration next week

The 10th Maintenance Iteration Working Group fortnightly meet is planned to be held next week on Wednesday 30th of March 2022. If you would like an invitation please reach out to contact@consumerdatastandards.gov.au

If you are wondering what the Maintenance Iteration is and the role this process plays: we have put together a short video introduction. Please see Video [15] Introduction to the Standards Maintenance Iteration (17/02/2022) https://youtu.be/AyJ7jEGICv0


Design Paper feedback extension

We have heard the feedback on an extension of time for the Design Paper and can grant a one-week extension of time, until 5 April 2022. We are able to accommodate this extension of time given the likely timing of caretaker.


Design Paper

Treasury and the Data Standards Body are seeking input on the development of rules and standards to implement the Consumer Data Right in the telecommunications sector. To support consultation and elicit informal feedback on these issues, a design paper is available for stakeholders’ consideration.

We invite all participants in the Consumer Data Right to raise queries and submit their feedback below:

GitHub Consultation: https://github.com/ConsumerDataStandardsAustralia/standards/issues/235

Link to key consultation documents: https://treasury.gov.au/consultation/c2022-250645

Feedback on this consultation closes on 29th of March 5th of April 2022


Next weeks To-Do

Coming up next week to keep the CDR Community on top of events, consultations closing and working groups:

  • 10th Maintenance Iteration fortnightly meeting: 30th of March 2022
  • CDR Implementation Call: 31st of March 2022

Decision Proposals and Noting Papers

A list of the current open Decision Proposals:

Cross Sectors

Banking Sector

  • None at the moment.

Energy Sector

  • None at the moment.

Noting Papers

Please be aware of a number of Noting Papers available for review on the Consumer Data Standards GitHub repository.

  • None at the moment.

Workshops and Events

Find all our events here: https://consumerdatastandards.gov.au/events/

Coming soon.


CDR Implementation Call

Regularly held on a weekly basis and enables all community members access to subject matter experts from the ACCC and Data Standards Body. If you would like an invitation please reach out to contact@consumerdatastandards.gov.au


Maintenance Iterations

The 10th Maintenance Iteration is currently underway. The working group meet on a fortnightly basis.

You can find out more about the phases and scope of the Maintenance Iterations here: https://github.com/ConsumerDataStandardsAustralia/standards-maintenance. If you would like an invite please reach out to contact@consumerdatastandards.gov.au

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