Consumer Data Standards 1.17.0

Dear Consumer Data Right participants and other interested parties,

Version 1.17.0 of the Consumer Data Standards was published on the 23rd of May 2022. The latest version includes: 

Decision Proposals

High Level Standards

  • Obligation date highlighting allows users to select a target date and determine what obligations apply at that date
  • Scrollable diffs and examples: added previous and next buttons to support easy scrolling between all diffs and non-normative examples
  • Moved Register FDOs to the Register dependency schedule to differentiate Register delivery from Participant future dated obligations

API End Points

  • A number of changes to the Energy Schema from feedback and input from the Community
  • Set retirement dates for outstanding deprecated Register APIs
  • x-v header requirements for versioned Register APIs moved from mandatory to optional
  • Added GetDataHolderBrandsSummary API to expose public details of Data Holder Brands from the CDR Register to public clients
  • New authenticated endpoints only require cdr-register:read as the authorisation scope

Information Security Profile

  • Corrected the documentation to include CDR Arrangement Form Parameter and CDR Arrangement JWT methods
  • Updated data recipient hosted CDR Arrangement Revocation End Point non-normative example alg field from HS256 to PS256
  • Updated self-signed JWT client authentication non-normative example alg field from HS256 to PS256
  • Added clarification that when statuses are not received or recognised from the CDR Register
  • Added requirement for data holders to ignore unsupported authorisation scopes

Consumer Experience

  • Data language standards have been corrected to clarify that individual OIDC standard contact detail claims must be requested individually and not using the OIDC profile scope


You can find the full list of changes:

Link to the Consumer Data Standards: