Consumer Data Standards

The Data Standards Body have released version 1.31.0 of the Consumer Data Standards (CDS) which represent the high level standards and are in accordance with the rules and phasing timetable made by the Treasury.  You can follow the progress of discussions in support of Version 1.31.0 on GitHub.

These standards have been developed as part of the Australian Government’s introduction of the Consumer Data Right legislation to give Australians greater control over their data.

The CDR is intended to be applied sector by sector across the whole economy, beginning in the banking, energy and telecommunications sectors. These standards have been developed to facilitate the Consumer Data Right by acting as a specific baseline for implementation.

These standards have been prepared by the Data Standards Body (DSB). The work of the team is overseen by the Data Standards Chair, Mr. Andrew Stevens, with industry and consumer advice provided by an Advisory Committee. The work of standards development is conducted in close consultation with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) as lead regulator of the Consumer Data Right, supported by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC).

The DSB looks forward to ensuring the standards continue to evolve and incorporate new innovations and we are committed to working with all CDR participants to build a strong and useful ecosystem.

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Binding Data Standards

The Data Standards Chair executed Competition and Consumer (Consumer Data Right) Data Standards (No. 1) 2023 on 23 February 2023.  It was published here on 27 February 2023, and commenced on 28 February 2023.

View the Explanatory Statement View Competition and Consumer (Consumer Data Right) Data Standards (No. 1) 2023

Update: executed versions uploaded 27 February 2023