Consultation Draft 1

CX Guidelines version 0.9.5

The aim of the CX Workstream is to help organisations provide consumers with simple, informed, and trusted data sharing experiences that conform to the CDR Rules. These guidelines are a manifestation of this intent and have been developed to help organisations deploy applications for use in the CDR.

This draft includes the guidelines and the supporting examples illustrating their implementation. The current version focuses on the process and decision points that a consumer steps through when consenting to share their data, with banking as the first designated sector. Further phases of CX research and design activities are planned to build on this version and to facilitate the expansion of the CDR into other sectors.

Consultation draft

Document title Date published
CX_Guidelines_v0.9.5 (pdf 5.1 MB) July 17 2019

Feedback submissions

Document title Date published
ARCA (pdf 62 KB) September 24, 2019
Commonwealth Bank (pdf 799 KB) September 24, 2019
National Australia Bank (pdf 104KB) September 24, 2019