Consultation Draft 6

CDR Logos


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is looking to prioritise the use of the CDR logo for 2020 CDR implementations.

Possible considerations include:

  • The use of the CDR logo by accredited persons/accredited data recipients (ADRs) in connection with requests for consent to collect and use CDR data.
  • The use of the CDR logo by data holders (DHs) in connection with requests to authorise the disclosure of CDR data.
  • Licence terms to accompany the use of the CDR logo.

The ACCC is considering how the standards might require the use of the CDR logo.

Version 1.2.0 of the Consumer Experience (CX) Guidelines contain non-mandatory guidelines on CDR logo use as follows:

  • ADR guidelines on p.37-39 stating ADRs ‘SHOULD use CDR branding provided by the ACCC to facilitate consistency, familiarity, and trust in the CDR ecosystem.’
  • A DH guideline on p.78 stating DHs ‘SHOULD show the ACCC provided CDR branding…’ in the context of the authorisation flow.

This consultation is being conducted to obtain feedback on:

  1. The changing of existing items on CDR Logos from CX Guidelines (a SHOULD) to CX Standards (a MUST);
  2. Where else in the Consent Model and CDR ecosystem the CDR logo could be applied;
  3. Whether such inclusions should be classed as guidelines or standards;
  4. The time required for successful implementation of the options in this paper, and any other options raised for consideration.

Consultation draft

Document title Consultation Date
Consultation Draft 6 - CDR Logos 26.03.2020 – 09.04.2020

Feedback submissions

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