Decision Proposal 097

Principles Review

In anticipation of the expansion of the CDR regime to additional sectors the DSB is initiating a review of the principles that guide the development of the CDR standards.

When the existing principles were defined the importance of consumer experience to the standards development process was under-estimated. As a result, the existing principles are heavily focused on technical considerations and only a single outcome principle addresses CX.

Over the past year the Data Standards Body has used a range of principles and heuristics to guide the consumer experience work to date. These principles are being proposed for inclusion in the standards.

Document title Consultation Date
Decision Proposal 097 - Principles Review 14.01.2020 - 29.02.2020


The community is invited to provide feedback on this consultation page as a comment with the organisation you represent (if applicable), or on the GitHub location for Decision Proposal 097.

Feedback will also be accepted via email to In accordance with the regular practice of the Data Standards Body, email submissions will be posted on GitHub and the CX consultation page to ensure transparency of the consultation process.

Where participants believe they have sensitive information to convey we will consider those discussions and give guidance on our preferred disclosure approach prior to meeting to discuss such issues. To discuss, please email us at