Phase 1 CX Report

In February 2019, the Consumer Experience work stream has put together a release package for public sharing and community feedback. The following is included in this release package.

Draft Roadmap of Phase 1 Research

An initial draft roadmap outlining the approach for Phase 1 Research produced for community feedback.

Download roadmap

Phase 1 CX Report

This includes the Consumer Data Standards – Phase 1 CX Report, which covers the findings and preliminary recommendations from several rounds of research conducted by Tobias, CHOICE, and Data61. This report was put out for a community consultation period of 2.5 weeks, which closed on the 22nd March.

This report and community feedback shaped the Phase 2 of CX work and helped define what will be included in v1 of CX Guidance.

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Prototypes of the Consent Flow

This release also contains PDFs and Invision prototypes of the Consent Flow, which incorporate recommendations and other considerations. The basis of these recommendations are in the Phase 1 CX Report.

See prototypes:
Consent Flow screens – Apply for Credit
Consent Flow screens – The Accounting Tool

CX Guidance structure

Finally, we’ve included the draft structure of the CX Guidance, which will be populated with the recommendations that come out of Phase 1 and 2, and other content following community feedback.

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