Consumer Experience

The Consumer Experience work stream has produced a range of reports and outputs from workshops and research.  As we generate them, we'll add links to this page.


Reports and recommendations covering an accessibility analysis of the CX standards and artefacts.

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Community Engagement

A range of reports and outputs from engagements with the CDR community, including public workshops and community sector consultations.

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2021-Present CX Reports

A series of CX Reports focused on key issues, including disclosure consent, authentication uplift and consent review.

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2020 Phase 3 CX Reports

Release date: Continuous release in 2020
A series of CX reports focused on key Phase 3 issues, including Energy, joint account and amending consent.

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2019 Phase 2 CX Reports

Release date: July 2019
A Phase 2 release package that includes 3 CX Reports that are focused on various aspects the Consent Model. 

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2019 Phase 1 CX Report

Release date: February 2019
A Phase 1 release package that includes Phase 1 CX Report and prototypes of the Consent Flow.

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