DSB | End of Week Wrap Up | 24th of December

Dear Consumer Data Right participants and other interested parties,

Happy Friday all, here is the end of the week and year update for the Consumer Data Standards.

Standards Version 1.6.0

As the final release of 2020 version 1.6.0 of the Consumer Data Standards is now live and you can find the changes included as part of the Change log: https://consumerdatastandardsaustralia.github.io/standards/includes/releasenotes/releasenotes.1.6.0.html#consumer-experience

Energy Standards Draft

The first draft of the Energy Standards is now available for review and feedback. The draft includes the feedback received to date and is the first cycle of the feedback process. In addition we are trailing a new method of rendering the Standards for the community and we invite feedback and insight into the new platform.

Review the draft Energy Standards: https://consumerdatastandardsaustralia.github.io/standards/draft/energy-draft.html

Submit your feedback on Decision Proposal 149: https://github.com/ConsumerDataStandardsAustralia/standards/issues/149

Service Provider Directory

The Service Provider Directory is live and we are adding in the first entries for Service Providers. You can find the first iteration of the Directory here: https://cdr-support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/topics/900001108143-Service-Provider-Directory

We invite all Service Providers who are interested in listing to reach out to directory@cdr-support.zendesk.com with the following information:

  • Name of your organisation
  • Logo of your organisation
  • What service(s) you provide
  • URL to your website
  • Description of your organisation

Please note this is feature has been formulated on feedback from the Community and the Advisory Committees, it is a first iteration and a tool we want to build with everyone's input. We seek the Community's feedback on the categories, format and attributes.

CDR Implementation Call in 2021

The CDR Implementation Call will recommence on the 14th of January 2021. Community members should already have the calendar entry available, if you do not please reach out to contact@consumerdatastandards.gov.au and we will forward the invitation on.

Noting Papers

Please be aware of a number of Noting Papers available for review on the Consumer Data Standards GitHub repository:

6th Maintenance Iteration

The next Maintenance Iteration will commence in early 2021 with the plan to start in the first week of February.

Decision Proposals

A list of the current open Decision Proposals:

Cross Sectors

Banking Sector

  • None at the moment.

Energy Sector

  • None at the moment


No new workshops for 2020.

Thank you to everyone through 2020 for their input and support in developing the Consumer Data Standards. It has been an unusually challenging year for everyone however we have all continued to work together despite the lockdowns, social distancing and other geographical obstacles 2020 has thrown at the world.

We hope everyone is able to take a break over this period of festivity. Stay safe and see you in the new year.

Best regards,
The Data Standards Body