DSB | End of Week Wrap Up | 26th of August 2022

Dear Consumer Data Right participants and other interested parties,

Happy Friday all, here is the end of the week update for the Consumer Data Standards.

Latest Standards, Consumer Experience, tooling and Consumer Data Right announcements.

News and Announcements

12th Maintenance Update

The 12th Maintenance Iteration Working Group will meet on Wednesday 31st of August 2022 @ 2:00PM AEST.

Agenda will be sent out prior to the meet.


CDR Implementation Call Feedback

If you are able to spare a few minutes. Jarryd from the Data Standards Body is seeking feedback on the CDR Implementation Call: https://us18.list-manage.com/survey?u=fb3bcb1ec5662d9767ab3c414&id=e27fbe77e4 


CDR Test Documentation

v1.0.3 of the CDR Test Documentation has been released, it now includes Suite.005 Common Admin, Suite.006 Common Customer and Suite.008 Energy Accounts. A number of small fixes have also been made. See Change Log for details.


Java Artefacts Version 1.17.0

Latest release of the Java Artefacts. The update includes the following changes:

  • Align to Version 1.17.0 of the Consumer Data Standards
  • Fixes to Location and Links response fields
  • Fixes to update-since and x-fapi-auth-date headers
  • Added Energy Model and Commands to Client CLI

Link: https://github.com/ConsumerDataStandardsAustralia/java-artefacts/releases/tag/cds-java-artefacts-1.17.0


CX Coded Prototype

The DSB has published a coded prototype that reflects v1.16.1 of The Consent Flow. This Proof Of Concept (POC) was built by PWC as part of our accessibility engagement.

It’s a Single Page Application using React JS and is built for mobile experiences and dimensions. Since this is a proof of concept, it excludes connections to API’s and most external links.

You can access this via our CX Guidelines Notion or on the CDS Github.


Guidance for ADRs connecting to Banking Data Holders

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and Data Standards Body (DSB) have published guidance to support ADRs connecting to Data Holders utilising unsupported scopes. The article is published on the CDR Support Portal under the title "Guidance for ADRs connecting to Data Holders using unsupported scopes".

Link: https://cdr-support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/5332397185039


Feedback for CR529

The Data Standards Body request the Energy retailers to review and comment on Maintenance Issue 529 - CX - Energy Data Language Standards - NMI and Scheduled Payments. If there is consensus for the change to take effect from November, we will propose that the change be treated as urgent and dealt with separate to Maintenance Iteration 12.

Link: https://github.com/ConsumerDataStandardsAustralia/standards-maintenance/issues/529


Decision Proposal 260 reopened

The Data Standards Body (DSB) have reviewed the feedback received on Decision Proposal 260. From the Community's comments it is acknowledged that whilst solution proposed has community agreement, the implementation delivery for November 15th energy go-live is not feasible.
As a result, the DSB will recommend the changes in the decision proposal be adopted with future dated obligated as below:

  • 07/04/2023: The changes in the DP should be implemented as V2 of the impacted APIs (Get Energy Accounts and Get Energy Account Details)
  • 08/05/2023: The deprecation date for V1 of the impacted APIs (Get Energy Accounts and Get Energy Account Details)
    (Note: The dates are derived from the obligation date schedule)
  • From the tranche 1 date (15/11/2022) until the V1 deprecation date Closed Accounts information must be presented via the V1 APIs in a schema compliant fashion. The guidance to implementers will be to provide values for all mandatory fields and to select reasonable default values and structures if the data is not available for closed accounts

The consultation will be re-opened and extended until Tuesday the 30th August 2022 for any comment on the above proposed dates. If no feedback is received the decision will be recommended to the Data Standards Chair for approval.

Please take advantage of the extension to ensure your feedback is submitted.


Next weeks To-Do

Coming up next week to keep the CDR Community on top of events, consultations closing and working groups:

  • DP260 Closed Energy Accounts: Feedback Closes - 30th of August 2022
  • 12th Maintenance Iteration Working Group - 31st of August 2022 @ 2:00PM AEST
  • CDR Implementation Call - 1st of September 2022 @ 3:00PM AEST

Decision Proposals and Noting Papers

A list of the current open Decision Proposals:

Cross Sectors

Banking Sector

  • None at the moment.

Energy Sector

  • None at the moment.

Telecommunications Sector

Noting Papers

Please be aware of a number of Noting Papers available for review on the Consumer Data Standards GitHub repository.

Workshops and Events

Find all our events here: https://consumerdatastandards.gov.au/events/

More events coming soon.


CDR Implementation Call

Regularly held on a weekly basis and enables all community members access to subject matter experts from the ACCC and Data Standards Body. If you would like an invitation please reach out to contact@consumerdatastandards.gov.au


Maintenance Iterations

The 12th Maintenance Iteration has commenced on the 20th of July 2022.

You can find out more about the phases and scope of the Maintenance Iterations here: https://github.com/ConsumerDataStandardsAustralia/standards-maintenance. If you would like an invite please reach out to contact@consumerdatastandards.gov.au