Non-functional Requirements Consultative Group


The Non-Functional Requirements consultative group provides advice to the Data Standards Chair on the development of standards. The group's role is to provide strategic counsel, and expert guidance, on expectations for the performance and availability of technical implementations that support the Consumer Data Right ecosystem.

The group proposes changes to the CDS Non-Functional Requirements, which may then be proposed to all CDR participants for further public consultation.


The membership of the group follows:

Mark Verstege, Chair  Dhananjay Gourshettiwar, Westpac
John Adshead, AEMO Harish Krishnamurthy, ANZ
Jim Basey, Basiq Julian Luton, CBA
Jonathan Denly, Basiq Mark Wallis, Skript
Andrew Ferris, AGL  


The minutes are reviewed by participants and feedback is incorporated into the published version. Minutes will be available after the review process and be published below.  

22 February 2024  14 August 2024 
27 March 2024 11 September 2024
24 April 2024 9 October 2024
22 May 2024 6 November 2024
19 June 2024 4 December 2024
17 July 2024  

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference can be found here.