November 2018 Working Draft

While the team had been working through small decisions to go towards producing a standard between Aug - October 2018, the November 2nd Working Draft was an opportunity to knit these decisions together and assess progress so far. As a working draft, it contained inconsistencies and errors, gaps and areas we could improve on. That's precisely why we published it for feedback.

You can access:

What it doesn't take into account: The working draft doesn't yet reflect the requirements of its information security profile, which is in development. It also doesn't incorporate feedback from workshops and testing with consumers as part of the consumer experience work stream.

Feedback on the November 2nd working draft was open for three weeks, closing at the end of Friday 23 November. Participants could submit feedback in Word document format via email to, or share feedback directly on GitHub. Please note: all submissions received via email were published openly online. The Consumer Data Standards program did not accept confidential submissions.