Phase 3 CX Reports

Phase 3 research

A Phase 3 of design and research activities is running from February until June 2020. The CX Workstream will research and iterate on a number of key issues in Phase 3, including:

  • Energy standards and guidelines
  • Joint accounts
  • Re-authorisation
  • Fine-grained control
  • De-identification and deletion
  • Amending consent
  • Simplification of consent

The scope, schedule, briefs, and artefacts for immediate Phase 3 work can be found in detail in a Phase 3 overview document.

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NB Concepts and recommendations found within these reports represent a set of possibilities that will be reviewed and considered and are subject to change. These reports will inform the data standards and rules development but should not be seen as indicative of the CDR’s direction.


Round 1 and Round 2 Report

This report covers the first two rounds of Phase 3 consumer research, which focused on energy, joint accounts, and the right to delete. The second section of the report contains findings on trustworthiness, propensity to share, and comprehension when it comes to CDR data sharing experiences.


Round 4 and Round 5 Report

This report covers the fourth and fifth round of Phase 3 consumer research, which focused on amending consent. Research focused on extending duration, the separation of collect and use, adding and/or removing data clusters and uses, and the simplification of amending consent scenarios without compromising the quality of consent.


Round 6 Report

This report covers the sixth round of Phase 3 consumer research, which focused on providing an intuitive, informed, and simple account adding and removing experience. This research is part of the ongoing work on how to provide simplified amending consent experiences.